Just Saying HALO

Julie Plavnik
2 min readApr 23, 2021


In Indonesian language this means Greetings Folks.

I’m Julie Plavnik, an IT Entrepreneur with 6+ years experience in FinTech (crypto and crypto derivatives trading). Some time ago I moved to Bali, where it’s quiet enough for me to work remotely while enjoying the tropical climate.

Unlike most people in Bali, I don’t do yoga, meditations, vipassana, etc.… Ok, sometimes I do, but have no Instagram proof of it. Which means, if no one can see how I practice my yoga on Insta, do I really practice it?! That’s questionable…

What’s my deal?

A few times per month I share some first-hand experiences or how-to guides, with a major focus on first steps in entrepreneurship and its traps that you can learn only in practice. Sometimes I also touch upon topics about negotiations, psychology and discipline, as these are strongly connected with starting up new businesses.

If you’re a beginning entrepreneur or just feeling stuck at where you currently are and looking for a pivot, then welcome to my blog.

You’ll get at least one valuable idea per post that you can apply in your life (I’ll try to provide more), as well as a dose of entertainment.

You’ll receive a single email whenever a new article is published. If you don’t see the form, please let me know and I’ll add you soon.

If you’re looking to get in touch, you can email me, or say hi on Instagram (@juliaplavnik) or LinkedIn.



Julie Plavnik

FinTech nomad. Web3 content strategist and writer. Ultra-spiritual Jew living in Bali.